Public Utilities

Public Utilities is comprised of the following divisions: Public Works, Water, Electric, Gas, Stormwater , Sewer and Wastewater.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the City's infrastructure and for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste, repaving sections of streets, maintainenance of city parks, city cemeteries. They clear the Right of Ways on city streets and state roads within the city limits. They are responsible for picking up brush and yard waste, cleaning ditches to prevent flooding, maintaining city buildings and property and Storm Water from rain causing runoff from roads into city drains and sewer system.

The Water/Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining the water supply for the City and ensuring that water is consumable for residents. Installation of new water lines and repairing water mains and lines as needed. This department is responsible for installation and maintenance of the city sewer lines. Identifying issues and correcting the issues for both residential and commercial properties.

The Electric Department is responsible for installing and maintenance of electric poles so that our citizens and businesses have power. hey are responsible for installation and maintenance of power lines.Currently we service 3,400 residents and commercial and 15 miles of lines responsible for installation. We have 2 substations with 5 feeder lines that provide the electricity.

The Gas Department is responsible for installation and maintenance of gas lines for both residential and commercial. The Gas Department offers incentives for gas appliances to city residents.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for treating municipal effluent, removing dissolved or suspended matters, ensuring the water returned to the environment or reused complies with the quality standards required.

Public Works And Utilities Director